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The Future Of Education Is “Parallel Education”

Written By onci on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 | 2:57 PM

Here’s an easy way to know how mediocre the public schools are. Add up all the activities going on OUTSIDE the schools intended to compensate for what’s done badly INSIDE the schools. Reflect on all the tutoring services, remedial centers (Kaplan, Sylvan, LearningRx, etc.), self-help books, educational TV, and frantic involvement by parents.

It’s pathetic that all this activity is needed. On the other hand, it’s very exciting and encouraging that so many parents are fighting back.

In a new article, Improve-Education.org proposes giving all this activity a formal name--Parallel Education--and regarding it as the single best weapon we have for improving public education. Parallel Education, merely by its existence, puts pressure on the Education Establishment to do a better job!

“43: American Basic Curriculum” explains this concept and proposes two major examples--BENCHMARKS to help parents judge the progress made by their children in school; and a CREATIVE SYNDICATE to produce supplemental ed materials.


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