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Immoral: Media in bed with Big Ed

Written By onci on Friday, February 19, 2010 | 1:49 PM

One of the invisible things I've been searching for around Norfolk is investigative journalism aimed at education, specifically, why the public schools can't teach almost 1/4 of the kids to read properly.

This 1/4 figure, by the way, has been holding steady for many decades, ever since the Education Establishment (a/k/a Big Ed) has been teaching kids to read with sight-words. So stupid. You'd think the press would want to expose this fraud. If people can't read, who buys newspapers???

Anyway, not finding the aggressive journalism I expect has been a frustration. And a red-hot inspiration. Please see the tragicomic, ought-to-be-off-Broadway result: "Media in bed with Big Ed: a love story??" (To be factual, it's an article written in the form of a playlet.)

From what I can figure out, the mainstream media support Big Education reflexively, even thought their interests are really different. Alas...If we had any investigative journalists left, they'd be asking the big editors what's going on?????
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