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Why The War Against Geography??????

Written By onci on Monday, September 6, 2010 | 3:42 PM

From the earliest grades, all children have to know the basic geographical facts: names of the oceans, continents, main rivers, biggest mountains, main countries, the US states. All of this is essential foundational knowledge. All of this is the stage on which all other subjects occur, for example, history, geology, anthropology, archaeology, military history, world trade, environmental science, etc.

That our nitwit Education Establishment has for almost a century waged war against geographical facts is like the mark of Cain. It's the scarlet letter. It's the itch that says disease. You know these people aren't serious about education. And that's why we have to reverse their policies.
For a good, quick analysis of why our elite educators scorned geography, please see "Four Reasons Why Educators Hate Geography."

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