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US Military Suffers Artificially-Induced Manpower Crisis

Written By onci on Saturday, December 4, 2010 | 3:42 PM

"75% of young Americans are not able to join the military," that's what my local paper says. 

Some of these people are fat and out of shape. But a shockingly large number are simply too ignorant and illiterate to be useful in the military. The Pentagon has tried creating remedial schools within the Army; more recently, a group of retired generals is pushing the new National Standards. Forget about it.

The linked article argues that the real problem is our Education Establishment, the people who control the public schools. They love social engineering. They don't give much of a damn about intellectual engineering. Whether intentionally or by accident, they end up sabotaging remedial schools and the creation of new Standards.

This article urges the military to start thinking outside the education box. Forget what the so-called experts think. You would be better off picking 400 names out of the phone book, Senator Moynihan once argued.

Tell your military friends to read this article: "Memo to: PENTAGON / Subject: EDUCATION / Status: HIGHEST PRIORITY" ( http://bit.ly/hgCidD )

Another good strong statement (addressed to leaders of business and military) is here: http://edfrontier.blogspot.com/ (Ed Frontier is a new blog.)

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