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Written By onci on Thursday, April 5, 2012 | 12:44 PM

American Thinker has article called "Musings of a College Instructor." Dumb things said by ill-educated students, basically. A lot of people left hostile comments directed at the incompetent clique in control of our schools. Not so fast, I objected. Incompetent?? I think not! I left this comment, which is so good I couldn't let it languish in forum obscurity:

"Folks, many of you are being very stingy. I want to remind you of your manners.

 We Americans are lucky to have an Education Establishment that is truly gifted at the task of dumbing-down an entire population. Be more appreciative. This work requires constant dedication and an almost inhuman devotion to ever lower standards. Admire the sacrifice.

Sure, they're Commies more or less. They hate us and want to grind this civilization into the dirt. Point is, they're good at what they do. They're geniuses. Personally, I don't admire illiteracy, ignorance, cultural nihilism, and intellectual decline. These people do!! They're working to build a beautiful dream. Surely we can praise the sincere effort they so generously make on our behalf. 

Bruce Deitrick Price
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